Canarias de señalizaciones sl




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Photoluminescence: The plans that we elaborate are photoluminescent, they are made with materials always according to the UNE 23035-4 Standard, as for characteristics, composition, properties, categories (A or B), identification and other requirements contemplated in the mentioned standard.


We will request the plans of the establishment, preferably in *dwg format, or other editable digital format. In case we do not have them, we can take care of their digitalization and update them in situ.

– All the activities included in Annex I must have a Self-Protection Plan, whose content will be at least that of Annex II. These centers include all tourist, commercial or administrative establishments with a total occupancy of more than 1,000 people.

One of the main requirements of the Plan consists in the Information and Training on Self-Protection. We are in charge of implementation courses, sensitization, team reinforcement, …


The “official” trails are managed by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria or by the different town halls of the island. These trails are considered to be sports facilities that run along traditional paths in the natural environment and are presented as the ideal place for safe hiking.

They are trails of less than 10 km marked in white and green and have the initials SL. Sometimes they may share paths with PR trails. The management of these trails is assumed by the town hall that promotes them.

Called the high road of the giants, it is an itinerary for excursions with an incomparable scenery: in fact it runs at the foot of the highest massifs in Europe, such as Monte Rosa, the Matterhorn or Monte Bianco.

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In turn, you can find other types of links that join the GR and have the same colors or European links that run through three or more states whose symbol is the E. They usually run through the GR and have the same colors.

There will be a kilometer marker every 5 kilometers, indicated with a different color from the markers and with a well-defined kilometer figure. In the case of the Ultra, the kilometer marker will be every 10 km.


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The mayor of Teguise, Oswaldo Betancort, hopes that the recent award of this contract will “provide coverage and solution to the deficiencies in all the roads of the different localities that make up the municipality, which will result in the safety of pedestrians and road traffic”. Likewise, Betancort “apologizes for the inconvenience that such actions may cause” and ensures “that neighbors will be informed in advance of possible cuts and changes in the circulation inherent in the work of painting the roads”.

Canarias de señalizaciones sl

Photoluminescence: The plans that we elaborate are photoluminescent, they are made with materials always according to the UNE 23035-4 Standard, as for characte





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