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EditorialNew educational challenges, new answersTHIS IS THE THEME WE HAVE CHOSEN FOR OUR 13th CONGRESS, a moment in which we make a “cash count”, we submit to criticism the existing coherence between the proposed objectives and their degree of fulfillment. We are self-critical.


ReflectionA decade in education is nothing… or it can be everythingTHE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TECHNOLOGY AND EDUCATION HAS THREE LINES THAT WE DO NOT ALWAYS SEE, but which are key to building a future with a critical digital citizenship that shares content with love throughout life.

ReflectionDiana GonzálezGender biases in the university environmentMany people perceive academia as an equal environment in which women do not suffer discrimination. However, that appreciation is a pure mirage, and some of it is “extremely subtle” and, apparently, would not have a major impact on their careers. But they do.

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The Governing Council authorized this Thursday, at the proposal of the Regional Ministry of Economy, Knowledge and Employment, a direct grant to the trade union Unión General de Trabajadores (UGT) in the Canary Islands to finance the project of a technical office of equality in the amount of 200,000 euros.

Framed in the Strategic Plan of Subsidies of the Regional Ministry of Economy, Knowledge and Employment for the period 2020-2022, the direct aid to UGT Canarias generates the opportunity to inform and train union delegates through the technical offices before their subsequent participation in the new labor negotiation processes for equality plans.

The Councilor of Economy, Knowledge and Employment initiates the working meetings with the general secretaries of UGT Canarias and CCOO Canarias to define the bases of this call “from the dialogue, the agreement and the consensus”.

The Minister explained that these 30 million will be destined to help, as a priority, the “most vulnerable” ERTE workers and reminded that “this was a commitment of the Plan Reactiva Canarias and with it we are complying with an agreement reached with the most representative trade union organizations”.


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UGT, CCOO and Cecale employers have described as “unprecedented” the absence of the Minister of Employment and Industry, Ana Carlota Amigo, at the meeting convened for Monday for the constitution of the main tables of the Social Dialogue, which, in his view, “is an unacceptable lack of interest” on the part of the counselor.

The representative of the Union of Students of the Canary Islands (Udeca) in the school council of the islands, advisory body of the Ministry of Education of the Canary Islands Government, Idafe Hernandez, charged Thursday against the head of the regional department, Maria Jose Palmero Guerra, whom he accused of implementing measures without logic in the reopening of school activity in the islands. A theory in which all the trade union centers, parents, PP and CC.

The world of work is currently going through a dizzying phase of transformations. It includes wider diversities than ever before as a result of the coexisting processes of globalization of the different economies and the information and communication technologies that influence countries and their citizens.

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The best guarantee of preserving a participative union model lies in transmitting timely information and accurate knowledge of all matters that constitute the Endesa Group’s labor relations.

Based on this premise and never in deterioration of the assembly processes and direct communication, we present this new instrument at the service of the workers of the Endesa Group as a reaffirmation of our historical commitment.

The implementation of this participative tool is aimed at providing a broad knowledge of the matters that make up our labor relations, with the purpose of turning the worker into an active protagonist in the defense and improvement of their contractual rights.

With this initiative we intend to provide homogeneous, complete and updated information and we hope that you will send us your queries and proposals, accepting the challenge of responding to them as quickly as possible and in a personalized way. Blog sobre gatos

Comisiones obreras educacion canarias

EditorialNew educational challenges, new answersTHIS IS THE THEME WE HAVE CHOSEN FOR OUR 13th CONGRESS, a moment in which we make a “cash count”, we submit





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