Comisiones obreras salud canarias

Comisiones obreras salud canarias

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Htal. Universitario de Canarias 12/08/2021 10203Supplementary List for Cleaning Operator at HUCHtal. Universitario de Canarias 09/08/2021 2849Interim contracts to be offered on September 1st at HUCHtal. Universitario de Canarias 06/08/2021 1185Listas Supletorias Matronas y TEDN HUCHtal. Universitario de Canarias 03/08/2021 1074Convocatoria Lista Supletoria Cocinero HUCHtal. Universitario de Canarias 02/08/2021 2023Lista Supletoria Administrativos HUC
25/06/2021OPE SCS Nurse: Definitive list of candidates who have passed the competition – competition 25/06/202124/06/2021Concurso de traslados Enfermeros SCS31/05/2021OPE SCS. Procedure and date of request for places Matron and Physiotherapists13/04/2021New permanent in the HUC (Op. Cleaning, TCAE, Nurse)09/04/2021Published the provisional notes OPE Nursing

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Comisiones Obreras was the union force most voted for by workers in the elections held this Wednesday in the Lanzarote Health area. The trade union force obtained 185 votes out of the 834 total votes cast, and …
Comisiones Obreras was the most voted union force by workers in the elections held this Wednesday in the Lanzarote Health Area. The union force obtained 185 votes out of the 834 total votes cast, and thus obtains five delegates on the Personnel Board.
“The majority support of the workers of Lanzarote transfers to CCOO the maximum responsibility in union action on the island. Responsibility that we assume aware of its importance. Our goal from now on will be not to disappoint the expectations placed in us, to this we will devote all our work and all our strength,” they conclude in a statement.

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“They are afraid to denounce the working conditions to which they are subjected”, declared the secretary, highlighting the anonymous complaint, filed a few weeks ago, in which it was exposed that in the accommodation of Porto Bello (Gran Canaria) were allegedly taking place sexual abuse and prostitution of minors.
From CC.OO they ask for “permanent and stable structures” to receive and attend in “dignified conditions” to the people who are continuously arriving to the islands, and European and national policies to reach other communities and to “implement the European network of guardianship of minors”.
Among the proposals that were presented, they ask for an increase in staff and the creation of a labor exchange to avoid job rotation; labor improvements such as staff training; or the incorporation of professional translators and psychologists in the collection.
“When a patera arrives, work is done without any previous organization, it is necessary that it is previously organized so that it does not work in an unexpected way as it happens”, declared the secretary of Employment and Migrations at national level, Lola Santillana.


Primary Care health services are also collapsed, with waiting lists of two to three weeks for a medical or nursing consultationCreated on Friday, 30 July 2021 14:55 | Published on Friday, 30 July 2021 14:55 | Written by Administrador | | | Visits: 461
The current scenario in which we find ourselves with more than 12,000 active cases in home monitoring, continues to increase, which causes a significant burden of care in our health centers, which implies that our professionals have to delay much non-urgent activity in time, as is already happening with Specialized Care.
Canarias, a 30 de julio de 2021Publicaciones BOC + Tablón de Anuncios, 30 de julioCreado en Viernes, 30 Julio 2021 08:32 | Publicado el Viernes, 30 Julio 2021 08:32 | Escrito por Administrador | | | Visitas: 419
Attached are the lists of employment list appointments and the lists of curricula from July 20 to 26, both inclusive, made in the Complejo Hospitalario Universitario Insular Materno Infantil (CHUIMI).

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