Consejeria de educacion canarias nominas telefono

Consejeria de educacion canarias nominas telefono

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If in your relationship with the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands you have suffered any inattention, delay or any other anomaly, or if you have observed a malfunctioning of our services, you have the right to present your Suggestions and Complaints.
In addition, you can submit any request, written and communication in the General Electronic Registry of the Canary Islands Government, and you can also submit requests or communications in educational centers that have registration offices.

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Educational animations are defined as animations produced for a specific learning purpose. The use of animations to aid understanding and recall of information has increased tremendously since the invention of powerful computer graphics. Previously, traditional animation required specialized labor techniques that were time consuming and expensive. In contrast, the software is now readily available, making it accessible to educators and authors of their own animations, without the need for special expertise. Teachers are no longer limited to relying on static graphics, but can turn them into educational animations.

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ORDER of August 9, 2021, which establishes the procedure for the constitution, arrangement, updating and operation of the employment lists for the appointment of interim teaching staff in the field of…
In anticipation that in early September the deadline for requesting exchanges of destination opens, we open – as every year – this space on our website for all those teachers who are interested in applying for a…
Resolution Nº 3198 / 2021 of the General Directorate of Personnel of the Department of Education, Universities, Culture and Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands, by which study leave is granted without…
The applicants proposed as selected to obtain a place by the different tribunals will have twenty calendar days from the day after the Tribunal has published the list of selected candidates.
Through the following link you will be able to access the scores and citations of the 2021 competitive examinations. It is very important that you take into consideration that this information published by the Education Administration does not…

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CONSEJERÍA DE EDUCACIÓN Carreras y EmpleoAprender másProfesor de español,inglés ,literatura y sociedad en Gobierno de Canarias. España5.0el 29 de junio de 2013Profesor de españolEn las clases de lengua incluí tareas de gramática y vocabulario para ser realizadas activamente en el aula.Los alumnos debían participar uno a uno utilizando la pizarra. Después de una breve explicación realizada por el profesor,se realizaba una tarea individual para ser corregida en pequeños grupos y finalmente ante todos los miembros de la clase.
En las clases de literatura se les proporcionaba los textos más representativos y atractivos de la literatura española. Siempre tenía en cuenta sus gustos particulares. Se les pedía que los leyeran, en primer lugar, individualmente, en segundo lugar en voz alta y que comentaran su contenido en pequeños grupos, para analizar su lenguaje incluyendo las figuras estilísticas previamente enseñadas. Finalmente se les pidió que dieran su opinión a toda la clase. De este modo, podían expresarse en público utilizando sus propias palabras. La habilidad oral es la más difícil en este nivel. Los alumnos de educación secundaria obligatoria de adultos aún carecen de las estructuras básicas de la lengua, no para comunicarse, sino para hacerlo de forma adecuada.

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