Consejeria de turismo gobierno de canarias

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Consejeria de turismo gobierno de canarias
Canary islands tourism covid

The Secretary of State for Tourism (SETUR), through the General Sub-Directorate for Tourism Development and Sustainability (SGDyST), supported by Royal Decree-Law 25/2020, of July 3, on urgent measures to support the reactivation of the economy and employment, approved in its Article 10 the “Tourism Sustainability Plans in Destinations”, as instruments to support investment in actions to promote, adapt and improve tourist destinations in order to increase their sustainability.

List of establishments included in the Annex of Order TMA/277/2020, of March 23, updated with those communicated to the General Secretariat of Tourism and with proposals from the Island Councils received up to May 5, 2020.

General tourist registry of the autonomous community of the canary islands.

By virtue of the community principle of freedom to provide services, tourist guides from other EU states may exercise the profession on a temporary basis on the occasion of an occasional and cross-border provision of services, without suffering unnecessary limitations in such provision. The exercise is allowed, without the need to obtain the card, but subject to the obligation to submit the declaration provided for in Article 7 of Directive 2005/36/EC.

Resolution of July 21, 2021, by which aptitude tests are called for the accreditation of specific knowledge for the exercise of the profession of Tourist Guide in the Canary Islands, by citizens of the European Union, already qualified in their countries of origin, and who have already submitted a request for recognition of the professional qualifications of tourist guide obtained in one of the member states.

Government of the canary islands travel

The objective is to expand the image bank to show the offer of the destination, with an update characterized by a greater technical complexity that allows to respond to the new communication trends. In addition to the filming of material …&nbsp….

These beneficiaries have already received a personalized email to inform them about the process to follow. During the first hour of the opening of this procedure, more than 1,100 people began to enter their data and 500 residents activated the card. For their part, the physical cards of agencies …&nbsp….

Canary islands tourism covid-19

Promotur Turismo de Islas Canarias will open this Thursday the registration period for residents of the eight islands to sign up for the draw for one of the two modalities of the Bonos Turísticos Somos Afortunados (We are Lucky Tourist Vouchers).

“We believe that Canary Island tourism must and can play an important role this summer because it is a market that is recovering faster than the others and because, in the wake of the pandemic, the general motivation is to lean towards a close, safe and reliable vacation,” he assured.

To achieve this end, the tourist vouchers are being launched, with which the aim is to “increase the quantitative presence of Canary Islanders in the tourist establishments of the islands, increase their average stay and deseasonalize their consumption beyond the summer”, explains the minister. ChipNet iBOX Plus OSX - Lector de DNI para MAC y tarjetas inteligentes, color blanco

In the form they will find, they must choose the type of voucher they opt for and include their personal data, as well as decide whether they want the virtual card, which is generated automatically and can be available in a few days, or the physical card, which needs more time to be produced and sent to the home, so it can take weeks to be received.

Consejeria de turismo gobierno de canarias

The Secretary of State for Tourism (SETUR), through the General Sub-Directorate for Tourism Development and Sustainability (SGDyST), supported by Royal Decree-





Consejeria de turismo gobierno de canarias

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