Endesa vecindario avenida de canarias

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Endesa vecindario avenida de canarias
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The electricity distribution companies are in charge of delivering energy to all supplies. Each distribution company operates in a geographic location, so the customer cannot choose, as he can with the distribution companies. Is e-distribution your distribution company and how to contact it?

Before contacting Unelco Endesa, the client has to investigate if he/she is facing a breakdown in his/her home or in the community of owners, because if it is only in his/her house, he/she will have to contact the marketing company.

In Santa Lucía de Tirajana the electricity distributor is Unelco Endesa. In addition, the alphanumeric code CUPS of Endesa Distribución in Las Palmas has to begin with one of these numerical combinations, which appears in any electricity bill:

To solve an electrical breakdown in Santa Lucía de Tirajana you should contact their free phone number: 900 855 885. However, if you want to contact Unelco Endesa Customer Service, you should call: 902 509 600.

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Have you ever had problems or breakdowns when registering your electricity supply? Surely in most of the cases the answer is affirmative. For that reason, by means of this web page we show you all the indispensable information to process any incidence with your invoices of light and gas.

Endesa is the company responsible for supplying electricity in the municipality of Santa Lucía de Tirajana. From its origins, Endesa has bet for the quality in the supply and the attention to the client at all times.

The 69178 inhabitants of Santa Lucía de Tirajana can go to one of the physical points near Santa Lucía de Tirajana and resolve all their questions in person without the need to request an appointment. Below you will find the nearest offices and valuable contact information:

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It must be taken into account that Santa Lucía de Tirajana has a population of 69178 inhabitants, which makes it difficult to manage this volume of requests without a previous step. Endesa, distributor of the Canary Islands, intends to better manage all the procedures, breakdowns and energy claims of each customer.

If you want to make an appointment with Endesa to go to one of its offices and be attended by one of its energy advisors, you only have to follow the steps explained below. If you are unable to make an appointment, you can also call Endesa’s free telephone number and explain your needs to a telephone agent.

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Endesa vecindario avenida de canarias

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