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I don’t see much movement. For me that will not raise much the cut of 36 not many people went to the exam and I do not see many who have passed the exam. At least the people I know and in the forum either. Let’s see if they are encouraged to say it and we get an idea.


:::: –> Edited on : 28/11/2019 15:02:59:::: –> Reason : I have not passed the cuts so I will not put the note (Shame). I think the cut off is going to go very little higher than the 60% set. I’m curious to know how long you have been in the competitive exams… just to get an idea of how long you have been doing it.

Thanks for the information Abraham. It’s just to get an idea of how long it will take me to reach the required levels. I hope that those who have worked as hard as you do will be rewarded in this call. And the next one for those of us who are now a little weak.

Thanks to all of you for telling me how long you have been working on the exam. I have been 11 months (preparing Trami) and the other day in management everything (except concursal) sounded a lot to me but I was not able to specify. I reiterate that I hope this will be the one for you. A big hug to all of you and keep up the good mood.

Justice examinations 2021

The DEFINITIVE publication is estimated to be in the week of August 30 to September 3, as informed by the Ministry of Justice at the end of July. The taking of office will take place in September.

The deadline for applications for assignment ends at the end of August (we remind you that August 15 was a holiday in some Autonomous Communities). Once the deadline is over and the necessary days have elapsed for the reception of the applications sent by administrative mail, the awards will begin.

There are two novelties with respect to the previous call: one is the mandatory telematic registration in the application, which will be made available by the Management on the Web, and the other novelty is that the Reserves quota will be open, as has happened with the Central Organs Stock Exchange.

It is very important that the personnel interested in applying for these interim personnel exchanges, request the FNMT Electronic Certificate, the Pin Key or the DNIe to make the registration, since it will be essential, and it is possible that it may take a few days to issue them.


Thank you very much for answering Haquim and good luck if you get a place! Is it too much to ask you to tell me a little about where the call for applications is published? Do you know anything about how this process goes? The truth is that I am very lost. Thank you very much!


Well yes, Tomas Aquino, you give me a joy! I will keep an eye on the Boc! Even if it’s difficult to get on the list because you have a lot of people in front of you, that’s something. Like Whiteparadise, it’s the first time I apply, do you know how it goes? are they open to the 3 categories? do they ask for many requirements? is there another exam? or just merits?

Ccoo justice

:::: –> Edited on : 18/12/2019 9:14:24:::: –> Reason : NOTES UPDATED CANARIASAlgar 56.7 / 18.5 Third improvement 54.90 / 18.75 RosaCanarias 51/17.50 MARIAAA1976 48.75 / 16.25 Negan 48/14 Karol77 47.40 / 18.75 Lilalali 46.20 /20 Pm19 45.75 / 12.5 JuanT 41 / 13.75 Liuvas 33.3 / 11.5

Hello everyone, a question about the merits, on the exams passed in previous calls are 14 points, no ?Tengas those you have are 14……… is that I overcome ….y in Auxilio by having Bachiller give points? thanks My note, 48.75 and 16.25

They pass 10 per place to the correction of the practical. Then pass to the third all who get at least 12 points in the practical. As the third one is corrected by a machine, they won’t care how many there are. In any case, I think that the cut-off will be more than 36 to pass to the second. And then, in the contest, the hunger games….

Juan, I have listened to you, and I have reread the call, lest I had a confusion. Page 12, 1.4. And for the second exercise (practical case) the minimum required is 60%, 50% is required for the third exercise.

Foro oposiciones justicia canarias

Foro oposiciones justicia canarias

I don’t see much movement. For me that will not raise much the cut of 36 not many people went to the exam and I do not see many who have passed the exam. At





Foro oposiciones justicia canarias
Foro oposiciones justicia canarias

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