Gobierno de canarias educacion altas capacidades

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Gobierno de canarias educacion altas capacidades
High abilities test

Precociousness is distinguished from the two previously mentioned concepts, since it is a fundamentally evolutionary phenomenon, while intellectual giftedness, giftedness and talent are stable cognitive phenomena throughout maturation.

Within the scope of attention to diversity and attention to students with Special Educational Needs, as advocated by the current Educational System, these students must be identified in order to offer them the most appropriate educational response to their abilities. The identification of students with High Abilities implies a set in which the family, the school and the Educational Guidance and Psychopedagogical Teams must intervene, each one of them with specific contributions.

We must be aware that no two students with High Abilities are alike; therefore, their needs will require differentiated responses. These students have educational needs but also social and emotional needs that will depend on each person, their age, the context and the specific moment.


Be it known to all citizens that the Parliament of the Canary Islands has approved and I, in the name of the King and in accordance with the provisions of Article 12.8 of the Statute of Autonomy, enact and order the publication of Law 6/2014, of July 25, Canary Islands Non-University Education.

Education, understood as a lifelong learning process, is the decisive factor to achieve a more cultured, fairer, more critical and supportive society, a society with more opportunities for each person to fully develop their capabilities.

For Canarian society, education is the means of transmitting and, at the same time, of renewing culture and the body of knowledge and values that sustain it, of fostering democratic coexistence and respect for individual differences, of promoting solidarity and avoiding discrimination, with the fundamental objective of achieving the necessary equality and social cohesion.

Thus, analyzing the structure, functioning and results of our educational system, contemplating different variables and taking as a reference framework our own diachronic evolution, the data of the state average or of the rest of the autonomous communities, becomes an imperative question when it comes to situating our educational reality in order to really measure the value of its indicators.

Autism canarias

In person, in which case an application must be filled out using the application “application generator” which is available on the website of the Regional Ministry of Education, Universities, Culture and Sports, being able to attach the documentation you deem appropriate. Once the document has been generated, it must be downloaded, signed and kept safe. The computer application will automatically send the application to the educational center, so that the applicant does not have to go to the center in person until he/she is required to do so.

Exceptionally, those applicants who do not have devices to complete the application, may make use of the means and procedures established by the educational center chosen as first option.

Highly capable persons

1. Fixed amountsa) Tuition scholarship for university students. The amount of the tuition scholarship will cover the amount of the credits for which the student has enrolled for the first time in the 2021-2022 academic year. b) Fixed amount linked to the student’s income: 1,700.00 euros for both university and non-university students. c) Fixed amount linked to the student’s residence during the academic year: 1,600.00 euros for both university and non-university students.d) Fixed amount linked to academic excellence: between 50 and 125 euros for both university and non-university students.e) Basic scholarship for non-university students: 300.00 euros.  In the case of scholarship holders studying Basic Grade Training Cycles, this amount shall be 350 euros. ¿Por qué algunos gatos tienen pecas?

2. Variable and different amount for the different applicants that will result from the weighting of the average grade of the student’s transcript and his/her family income and whose minimum amount will be 60.00 euros.

Gobierno de canarias educacion altas capacidades

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