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Gobierno de canarias educacion notas
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Complete interactive infographic about the theatrical genre. It explains this genre by considering these aspects: its definition, characteristics, what is the dramatic text, what are the elements of dramatic representation and an explanation of all genres (tragedy, comedy, drama or tragicomedy, minor genres).

This infographic is part of the collection of resources available for download and use within the teaching work, to include in documents, notes, presentations… thus giving the possibility to develop more creative and personalized work.

Simple interactive infographic about the character, an element of musical language that is part of movement and expression. An interactive scheme about this element is presented. It includes its definition, characteristics, representations, complementary activities, external videos and images that help understanding.

This infographic is part of the collection of resources available on musical language for download and use in teaching work, to include in documents, notes, presentations… thus giving the possibility of developing more creative and personalized work.

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Para citar este artículo: Salamanca Garay , I. J. & Badilla Quintana, M.G. (2021). Del pensamiento computacional al pensamiento creativo: un análisis de su relación en estudiantes de secundaria, Icono 14, 19(2), 261-285. doi: 10.7195/ri14.v19i2.1653

Por su parte, Van Laar, Van Deursen, Van Dijk y De Haan (2019) resumieron y conceptualizaron seis habilidades del siglo XXI dirigidas a los trabajadores del conocimiento: habilidades de información, comunicación, colaboración, pensamiento crítico, creatividad y resolución de problemas. En la misma línea, la Comisión Europea (2018) identificó las nuevas habilidades necesarias para progresar en el siglo XXI, las llaman competencias clave, e incluyen: “Competencia de alfabetización; Competencia multilingüe; Competencia matemática y competencia en ciencia, tecnología e ingeniería (STEM); Competencia digital; Competencia personal, social y de aprender a aprender; Competencia cívica; Competencia de emprendimiento; y Competencia de conciencia y expresión cultural” (p.38).

Siguiendo con Salamanca y Badilla (2020) y su marco referencial de competencias del siglo XXI, en la dimensión cognitiva confluyen dos competencias esenciales para el presente y el futuro de la sociedad: el pensamiento computacional y el pensamiento creativo. Ambas habilidades se caracterizan esencialmente por su gran capacidad para promover el pensamiento sistémico y la capacidad de resolución de problemas en los estudiantes (Resnick, et al., 2009a). Cuando estas habilidades trabajan conjuntamente, se convierten en una poderosa herramienta cognitiva que ayuda a afrontar de forma creativa diversos problemas que pueden surgir en la sociedad.

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Well, Councilor, a badly handled procedure. Your president, our president, said that mistakes have been made, unfortunately, that he is going to take note of those mistakes, that he hopes they will not be made in the future. Tell us how you found it, how you are going to fix it, apart from this evolution, which you have already said that you are going to postpone it to 2017, and above all assure us that this is not going to happen in the future, that it is not going to be repeated.

Thus, the Department of Education undertook the necessary procedure to modify its budgets and obtain the necessary items to be able to commission the projects where again we find delays of several months due to administrative procedures.

First of all, we believe that a better prior assessment should be made of the factors that may lead to delays and of the technical, human and material resources available for their execution, as well as the level of occupation of these resources and their capacity to extend their range of action. Only through this analysis will it be possible to initially adjust both the deadlines and the resources that will actually be executable within them. Star Atlas: qué es y cómo invertir en este juego NFT

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The professor of Philosophy of Law at the Carlos III University, Gregorio Peces-Barba, hoped today that the “new turn” of the Popular Party also affects its opposition to the subject of Education for Citizenship, an attitude with which he believes that this formation “throws stones against its own roof”.

Peces-Barba made these statements at a press conference on the occasion of the celebration at the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP) of the seminar ‘Education for Citizenship and Human Rights’, of which he is the director.

The former president of the Congress of Deputies indicated that the Popular Party is a party “of government”, and as such, “needs young people to be informed” about the contents of this subject, such as the structure of the State and the role of the Monarchy, among others.

Peces-Barba branded as “witticisms” the decisions of autonomous communities against the subject, such as the announcement of Madrid to accept conscientious objection or that of the Community of Valencia to teach it in English, which he defined as a “joke”. “Making a mockery of the law with the joke of the explanation in English is unacceptable,” he insisted.

Gobierno de canarias educacion notas

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