Gobierno de canarias educacion oposiciones maestros | Actualizado octubre 2021

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Gobierno de canarias educacion oposiciones maestros
2021 secondary school civil service examinations in the canary islands

The race to get one of the coveted vacancies is not an easy task. In total, more than 12 candidates apply for each vacancy -although the number may vary depending on the specialty-, and those who finally manage to get a permanent position will have had to successfully overcome the three phases of the process. A phase of practical and theoretical tests, which constitutes 60% of the final grade, another of competition, which counts for 40%, in which they can present their academic and professional merits to earn points, and a third phase in which those who have passed the previous ones will have to carry out internships in the centers.

Remember that with the entry into force of the European Standard PSD2, a double validation process is required when making the transaction. We recommend you to have your cell phone handy. We are here to help you, 928 479 439.


Applicants are informed that, in accordance with Base 10.2 of the Call, those who have passed the competitive examination/second test will have a period of two working days, from the publication of these qualifications, to present the documentation accrediting their merits.

They will have to provide through the web page of the Regional Ministry of Education, Universities, Culture and Sports, in PDF format, all the documents they have at the closing of the deadline for the presentation of applications, accrediting the merits referred to in Annex VIII (Scale of merits for the selective system of admission).

Those applicants who have already provided merits are informed that, since they are in the possession of the administration, they should not upload them again, once the overall grade of the competitive examination phase is published.

They are also informed that they should not request Service Sheets because, as indicated above, the Tribunals have access to the information of the services rendered in this Educational Administration.

Ministry of education of the canary islands

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The applicants proposed as selected to obtain a place by the different tribunals will have twenty calendar days from the day after the Tribunal has published the list of selected candidates.

Through the following link you will be able to access the scores and citations of the 2021 competitive examinations. It is very important that you take into consideration that this information published by the Education Administration does not…

Secondary school examinations 2021

The Regional Ministry of Education has informed today that the persons selected in the competitive examinations do not need to appear before the medical inspection, in principle they will only have to complete an online questionnaire. Duelos de Hearthstone en 2022: ¿Vale la pena intentarlo de nuevo?

The applicants proposed as selected must submit to the Directorate General of Personnel, the documentation referred to in section 18.2 of this call, within twenty calendar days from the publication of the list of applicants proposed as selected by the corresponding Court.

Within two working days from the day following the day of publication of the provisional scale, the interested parties may present the claims they deem regarding the score assigned to them in this phase of the competition, at the center where the Tribunal has its headquarters and during the timetable established by the Tribunal.

Given the numerous doubts that arose yesterday afternoon about how and in which specialties it is necessary to register and apply for the upcoming competitive examinations, ANPE Canary Islands has made a formal consultation to the Administration that CONFIRMS the information provided at all times from our union.

Gobierno de canarias educacion oposiciones maestros

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