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The determination of the methodology for assessing the degree of compliance with Law 12/2014, has continued to be during 2016 the subject of discussion at meetings between the Council for Transparency and Good Governance and the autonomic bodies guarantors of transparency; although it has never been reached to jointly agree on a global agreement proposal to be applied throughout the country.


Once the forms were approved, 96 requests for information were issued in the following days, by e-mail and by official letter, addressed to the General Directorate of Transparency and Citizen Participation of the Ministry of the Presidency, Justice and Equality of the Canary Islands Government, to the seven presidents of the island councils and to the 88 mayors of the Canary Islands, granting them a term of 10 calendar days for their completion and remission to the Transparency Commissioner by the same means, that is, until February 27, 2017 to the councils and March 3, 2017 to the city councils. However, these deadlines had to be extended on three occasions by the Commissioner.

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The Department of Education, Universities, Culture and Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands has set up the Office for the Defense of Pupils of the Canary Islands (ODFA), a body of the educational administration responsible for ensuring respect for the rights of non-university students in the Canary Islands.

In addition, it is responsible for informing the Education Inspectorate about cases that may involve a serious breach of the rights of students, may constitute a possible criminal offense or seriously violate the best interests of minors, even if no letter or complaint has been received in this regard.

Consequently, the Office for the Defense of Pupils of the Canary Islands admits for processing and manages consultations on the rights of pupils and petitions and complaints about their non-compliance, following up on them until the preparation of a report on the matter, which is submitted to the competent body of the Educational Administration. It also estimates or rejects requests for information and documentation from interested parties on these matters; mediates in the resolution of conflicts between students and any other member of the educational community, both directly and indirectly, i.e., assuming the referral of the matter to the relevant administrative bodies: educational inspection, mediation team of the center, etc.; and acts as a channel of communication between all stakeholders involved in the education of students (families, student associations, educational administration, school board, etc.).

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Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of La Laguna, President of the Research Committee of Sociology of Education of the FES, Academic Director of the Doctoral Program in Law, Society and Tourism.


Education Government of the Canary Islands (2020, April 29). The General Directorate of Planning, Innovation and Educational Quality shows us in this tutorial how to turn the mobile, whether it is Android or iOS, into a Wifi access point.

El Día / La Opinión de Tenerife (2020, April 30). Volunteers from the Taco / Barranco Grande Delivery Unit deliver 178 homework assignments to students from Tíncer, La Gallega, El Sobradillo and San Matías, belonging to the CPEIPS Acaymo (https://www.colegioacaymo.com/) in the Municipality of La Laguna. Correos “Ayudar en todo lo que podemos” (Helping as much as we can) program.

Mur Sangrá, L. (2016). The new digital divide. The future of new technologies in Primary from teacher training. Revista Electrónica Interuniversitaria Interuniversitaria de Formación del Profesorado (REIFOP), 19(2), 301-313. Doi: https://dx.doi.org/10.6018/reifop.19.2.189561


Organismos internacionales como la UNESCO, UNICEF, la OCDE y la OEI han recomendado recientemente, como consecuencia de la pandemia de coronavirus, el desarrollo de políticas educativas inclusivas que resuelvan los problemas derivados de la falta de recursos en los hogares para el seguimiento de la enseñanza telemática. También han advertido que los obstáculos no son sólo digitales, sino que las familias con menos estudios tienen más dificultades para ayudar a sus hijos en las tareas escolares en casa. Así, en este contexto de cierre de escuelas, la brecha familiar es un hándicap más para las políticas inclusivas de integración escolar en igualdad de condiciones para las familias culturalmente desfavorecidas.

Este artículo muestra que el cierre de escuelas en la Educación Primaria amplía la desigualdad de oportunidades educativas en la escuela abierta y que el efecto negativo es especialmente evidente en las familias con menor capital sociocultural y socioeconómico y, bajo estas variables, más aún, en los hogares monoparentales. Tramites en Ecuador

Gobierno de canarias org accuee

Gobierno de canarias org accuee

The determination of the methodology for assessing the degree of compliance with Law 12/2014, has continued to be during 2016 the subject of discussion at meet






Gobierno de canarias org accuee
Gobierno de canarias org accuee

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