Intranet gobierno de canarias

Intranet gobierno de canarias

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The new intranet will enhance communication in the organization, allowing a greater connection between the General Directorate of Relations with the Administration of Justice and the members of the justice system in the Canary Islands. Among other services, this internal channel has a section of resources that includes documentation on various matters in the form of guides, videos and documents; a calendar that includes the forecast of events of justice in the Canary Islands with the labor and training calendar, among others; as well as access to links and support contacts.
The Director General emphasized the need to promote the continuous improvement of the judicial organization in the Canary Islands, for which the Canary Administration understands that communication is the tool that will enable this improvement to be achieved. Thus, the aim is to promote a bottom-up communication that will enable this continuous improvement and the feeling of being listened to, which is the objective of this intranet. Rodriguez is convinced that it will be a fundamental instrument for streamlining the relations between the civil servants working in the judicial bodies and public prosecutors’ offices with the Administration.

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The Fundación Canaria Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria de Canarias (FIISC), promoted by the Department of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands and the Canary Islands Health Service, was born from the statutory modification of the Fundación Canaria de Investigación Sanitaria (FUNCANIS), created from the merger of the Fundación Canaria Rafael Clavijo para la Investigación Biomédica (Rafael Clavijo Foundation for Biomedical Research) and the Fundación Canaria de Investigación y Salud (FUNCIS). Its purpose is to promote and support research in the field of health sciences in order to contribute to the prevention of disease, to the promotion and protection of health, to the treatment and rehabilitation of disease and to raise the level of knowledge about the health of the population, as well as to manage the research of the Canary Health Service entrusted to it by this organization.
The FERO Foundation and ASEICA support young scientific talent with a grant of 80,000 euros for cancer research This grant aims to promote young scientific talent in our country and help to develop new avenues of cancer research that can be transferred to patients…

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The objective is to expand the image bank to show the offer of the destination, with an update characterized by a greater technical complexity that allows to respond to the new communication trends. In addition to the filming of material …&nbsp….
These beneficiaries have already received a personalized email to inform them about the process to follow. During the first hour of the opening of this procedure, more than 1,100 people began to enter their data and 500 residents activated the card. For their part, the physical cards of agencies …&nbsp….

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The City Council in the Social Networks TELEPHONE010 (within the municipality)922 606 010(24 h / 365 days)directory of officesAttention to the taxpayercalendar 2021payment lettersOPEN GOVERNMENTcitizen attention general information, online attention, previous appointmentINFORMATION UP TO DATE!communiqués, decrees, telephones, notices InformationSHOREWORDS, weather, status SEE ALL NEWSASSanta Cruz finishes the work of repair of the CEIP San Fernando within the foreseen term
Santa Cruz opens the deadline for grants for the biennial of visual arts and short storyThe Autonomous Agency for Culture, directed by Gladis de León, begins this coming Monday, August 30, and until September 24 the period for…
The restoration of the clock machinery of the old Applied Arts and Crafts Building has been completedThe restoration works of this emblematic piece have been carried out by Avelino Moreno, doctor in Fine Arts and graduate in Conservation and…
The City Council of Santa Cruz advances in the works of the sports center of San AndrésThe works that are currently being carried out correspond to the modification of the initial project, with a budget of 116,145.09 euros, which brings the total cost of the…

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