Itv canarias los rodeos

Itv canarias los rodeos

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If you need an appointment for a Reform, a duplicate of the Technical Card, Taximeters, or we are talking about an imported vehicle, call beforehand by phone. If you want you have the option to ask for a previous ITV Los Rodeos appointment. We are motivated to give you the best service both before and after the inspection.
Do you live in or near San Cristóbal de la Laguna and you have to pass the ITV of your vehicle? Here we will explain you how you can make your previous appointment at the ITV of Los Rodeos, in the town of San Cristobal de la Laguna; very close to Tenerife North Airport. You can request your previous ITV appointment at this Los Rodeos station by phone or online; on the Applus web portal. Now you have each and every one of the details of the Applus ITV Los Rodeos in San Cristobal de La Laguna, very close to the Tenerife Norte airfield. From here it is possible to make an appointment either by phone or online.
You will not need to stay in your vehicle to pass the inspection, so there will be no contact with the workers at our centers, ensuring social distance between everyone. Tenerife boasts 2 airports on the island, one in the north and one in the south. If you are one of those who live near the northern area, you may want to understand where there are ITV centers near the Tenerife North airfield. The answer is easy, as we have several areas in our network of ITV stations in Tenerife and some of the most recent centers of SGS ITV stations in the Canary Islands. Our ITV Los Realejos center belongs to the ITV facilities in Tenerife North, offering our services to the inhabitants of the region with the maximum professionalism of its team.

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If you request an appointment at ITV Tacoronte, you can enjoy a direct discount of 5€ when you pay your appointment online through our website. Remember that you can check the final price of your inspection during the booking process, depending on the day and time that best suits you to come to pass your ITV.
Are you looking for a discount for ITV Tacoronte SGS? We tell you a secret! Book an appointment and complete the payment from our website and you will get an offer in ITV Tacoronte SGS for our professional team to check the condition of your vehicle: bodywork, tires, brakes, lighting, … at a cheaper price.
Do you need to pass the ITV in Los Rodeos or surroundings? Are you near the airport of Tenerife or near Tenerife Norte and Binter Canarias and you have to pass the ITV of your vehicle? If you are in these locations when you have to pass the technical inspection of your vehicle, do not worry, very close to you you have the ITV station Tacoronte SGS, in Calle Guimareas 2, where you will find a professional and efficient team that will take care of passing the ITV for you.

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9 and 10 April (national), 1 May (national), 30 May (Regional/Insular), 16 August (national), and 14 September (regional/insular), 12 October (national), 1 November, 6 December (national), 8 December (national), 25 December (national), 31 December (agreement).
In ITV Los Rodeos we will check your tires, brakes, lighting and bodywork,…so that you can return to the road with the maximum guarantees of safety and with your ITV up to date. You don’t have to worry about anything, we offer you the maximum professionalism and confidence in each of our ITV inspections.
Booking your previous ITV appointment at ITV Los Rodeos is easier every day, you can do it from this page, in the upper section. Type in your license plate number and press the button “Request ITV appointment now”, which will take you directly to the platform where you can book your appointment online.
There we will ask you for the details of your vehicle, if it is a car, a van, a motorcycle…, also the type of fuel and/or if you are going to make a periodic inspection or for damages. You can also choose the date and time that best suits your schedule to pass your ITV Los Rodeos.

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In the eagerness to safeguard a higher degree of safety every day, the General Direction of Traffic has implemented new modifications from June in the Technical Inspections of Vehicles. Among the most relevant changes, those that…
During the confinement and the subsequent situation, a flexible postponement was approved for passing the ITVs in those vehicles that had to pass the inspection during the first state of alarm. The aforementioned deadline was extended until this 2nd of…
The Dirección General de Tráfico has implemented modifications to the Reglamento General de Circulación that come into force on January 1, 2021 and that you should take into account because there are some significant changes. Carrying a cell phone in your hand,…

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