Las uvas en canarias tv

Las uvas en canarias tv

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“Your carillon lasts three minutes because it has no quarters. Let’s listen to it,” Herrera informed and gave way to the sound of the artifact of the Cathedral of Santa Ana. “Three minutes of carrillón, there will be a pause and then the Campanadas will begin,” the singer repeated.
Mother of mine, how the #CampanadasTVE de Canarias has messed it up. “Ahora hay 3 minutos de carrillón pq no hay cuartos” (faltando 1 min para las 0:00h). “Ahora! Las campanadas!” (and they hadn’t started yet) ♂️- Javier Carrasco (@carrascouhu) January 1, 2020.

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In addition, during the chimes at Puerta del Sol, this emblematic environment will be used to project an audiovisual montage in video mapping format on the façade of the Casa de Correos de Puerta de Sol building with images of the whole Canary Islands, between 00.04 (peninsular time) until the chimes ring again just before 24.00 Canary Islands time.
As soon as the chimes of the peninsular time ring, the clockmakers will set back the hand that marks the hour just at 00.15 (peninsular time) to leave it ready for the ‘Campanadas Canarias’.

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Although it may seem obvious, there are many who arrive late and miss the first chimes of the clock, so remember: the Campanadas are at exactly 12:00 a.m. on January 1st. However, the broadcasts always start a little earlier so that no one gets lost, approximately at 23:45 on December 31.
Telecinco and Cuatro: both channels, belonging to the Mediaset group, will share the broadcasting of the Campanadas, which will be presented by Christian Gálvez and Sandra Barneda. The broadcast will also be seen on FDF, Divinity and Energy.
If you can’t (or don’t want to) watch the chimes on TV, you can choose to watch them through Internet services from your desktop computer, laptop, cell phone or tablet. However, keep in mind that there may be a delay in the broadcast.

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The wines Eidan, Agala and Valara have won the first prize of the Gran Canaria Wine Tasting 2019 in the categories young red, dry white and the one that encompasses the semi-dry, semi-sweet, sweet and liqueur, respectively, while the award for best image and presentation went to Mocanal.
The names of the winners were revealed today at a ceremony chaired by the Minister of Food Sovereignty of the Cabildo, Miguel Hidalgo, and the president of the Designation of Origin, Pedro Suarez, which was read the jury’s decision after the blind tasting that took place a few days ago with the participation of 53 wines from 23 wineries in Gran Canaria.
Hidalgo recalled that the Cabildo celebrates the Insular Wine Tasting annually since 1996 in response to the demand of the sector for the recognition of the quality of wines and with the aim of enhancing their quality through organoleptic evaluation, select the best bottled wines and reward the work done by winegrowers and winemakers.

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