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Lidl canarias es robotcocina
Monsieur cuisine lidl uk

Are you passionate about cooking, but your day-to-day life doesn’t give you enough time to enjoy this hobby? In that case, we have the solution: the multifunction food processor. Discover all it has to offer and get ready to prepare your usual recipes like never before.

Discover the advantages of the Monsieur Cuisine food processor in this video. With it, you can prepare healthy meals and dinners quickly and easily, thanks to its practical accessories and recipe booklet. You’ll love it!

Discover these delicious recipes to cook with our multifunction food processor. In addition, we present you the puff pastry braid, one of those easy and tasty baking recipes that hardly take up any of your time, and some delicious lentils with spinach and pumpkin.

Lidl monsieur cuisine

Specifically, the supermarket chain is putting back on the market one of its star products that challenges Thermomix with a competitive price of 359 euros compared to more than 1,000 euros for the Vorwerk food processor, which is seeking compensation from Lidl for allegedly plagiarizing its patent.

Lidl has recalled that its food processor offers more features than other options on the market and stands out for the ability to connect to the Wifi network to download recipes for free and without subscription, being the robot itself that follows the step by step through the LCD touch screen, thus avoiding the need for Bluetooth connection and external mobile device.

It also has a 3.1 liter capacity and 10 functions, including cooking, steaming, whisking and kneading, emulsifying, mixing, chopping, sautéing, weighing and grinding. In addition, it has an integrated scale in the bowl that helps to weigh ingredients correctly.

Lidl silvercrest

Lidl is defeated in the Thermomix trial. The section specializing in patent matters of the commercial courts of Barcelona has condemned the supermarket to withdraw from the market all Monsieur Cuisine Connect cooking robots for infringing the patent rights of the Thermomix.

The litigation centered on the alleged plagiarism of the Thermomix by Lidl alleged by Vorwerk, the group that manufactures the machine. For its part, Lidl claimed that its food processor did not infringe Thermomix’s rights, and in fact filed a counterclaim for the judge to annul Vorwerk’s patent for “lack of novelty” with respect to similar machines marketed before it, something that the magistrates ruled out.

Lidl’s food processor has similar functions to the Thermomix, and the biggest difference is in the price: it costs up to three times less. Thermomix claimed from the supermarket a compensation equivalent to 10% of the sales of Monsieur Cuisine, a total amount that has not been calculated and that will only be established once the Supreme Court confirms the sentence to Lidl.

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With its decision, the court has also rejected Lidl’s request to declare Thermomix’s patent null and void for “lack of novelty, inventive step and addition of matter”. If a final judgment is reached in the same sense as the current one, it opens the possibility for Vorwerk to undertake new litigation against other brands, since the market for food processors is not the exclusive patrimony of the firm and there are many manufacturers with similar products.

The court ordered Vorwerk to “cease importing, stocking, offering and/or marketing the Monsieur Cuisine Connect machine and to withdraw from the market all copies of the machine in its possession and that of its distributors, commercial documents, advertising and promotional material, including on the Internet.

Lidl canarias es robotcocina

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