Plataforma campus gobierno de canarias




Plataforma campus gobierno de canarias
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The Anchieta Campus is a very well connected enclave, as it is located next to one of the traffic circles at the entrance to the city of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, which also connects the northern municipalities of the island with the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


This space houses all the Humanities and Social Sciences studies, as well as one of the most important areas of the institution, the central headquarters of the Library Service, whose invaluable ancient collection holds copies dating back to the sixteenth century. The campus is home to:

It is not a campus as such, insofar as it is not structured as a clearly delimited urban enclave that houses several university buildings. But it is worth this denomination to agglutinate the different institutional dependencies located in the capital municipality of Tenerife. Namely:

At the moment, this campus only houses the Degree in Tourism taught by the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, but the possible extension to more disciplines, either in undergraduate or graduate format, is under study.

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When the Activation of the service is requested, a digitally signed and fully completed acceptance document will be sent by e-mail with the data related to the requested CAMPUS Virtual Classroom service.

The service will be provided to those centers enabled in the CAMPUS infrastructure.  The management team of the center is the one who can request the Activation of the CAMPUS Virtual Classrooms service, for which he/she must also have an electronic Certificate or DNIe.

The management team, in addition to activating the service, will be able to manage the categories associated with their center as well as the groups and organizational units to which the center’s users belong.

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“This entity has been subsidized within the framework of the Call for Incentives, aimed at the maintenance and recovery of the labor market and the recruitment of unemployed workers, 2020, financed by the Cabildo Insular de Gran Canaria”.

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Ekade brush

The profile “Authorized Teachers EVAGD” will no longer be used, so once the service is active, all the teachers of the center will be authorized to access it, create EVAGD virtual classrooms, and manage the users who will work in them, as well as the courses that have been created in the infrastructure of EVA Virtual Classroom…

When creating virtual classrooms, these can be linked to teachers’ subject-groups in Pincel eKade, in such a way that if an enrollment is registered/deregistered from Pincel eKade, it will be automatically synchronized in the virtual classroom….

Plataforma campus gobierno de canarias

The Anchieta Campus is a very well connected enclave, as it is located next to one of the traffic circles at the entrance to the city of San Cristóbal de La L





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