Preparador oposiciones maestros canarias

Preparador oposiciones maestros canarias

Oposiciones secondary canary islands

Civil servant offers online preparation and / or face to face for oppositions in the autonomous community of canariasLas PalmasOtras oposicionesPrepara tu oposición al Cuerpo Docente!a partir de septiembre empieza la cuenta atrás para obtener tu plaza como f…
Oposición guardia civil y cnp: psicotécnicos, matemáticas, física, química, topografíaLas PalmasOtras oposicionesOtras oposicionesSe imparten clases de Psicotécnicos, matemáticas, física, química, Eficiencia energética y Topografía para oposito…(11)10100
Professor of physical education offers physical classes as physical trainer, tennis, swimming, padelLas PalmasEducationI am physical trainer, classes could be given in a park, own houses, in tennis I have a track to give physical classes….
I am a civil servant of justice offers private classes for oppositionsLas PalmasOther oppositionsI am responsible, serious and committed to the classes. I am not only offer the same but also my own material and teaching material….
Learn German with a native teacher – all levels and agesLas PalmasEducationHello! My name is Julian and I am a student from Germany who has been living in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for some time. …

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The fact of training at a distance gave me a feeling of disadvantage: it did not motivate me, I felt that I would not be able to maintain the constancy, I thought that I would not receive the personalized attention of the teacher…everything so necessary in a situation like this, etc.
It took me a couple of classes to know that these predictions would not come true, on the contrary, the reality exceeded my expectations by far. Manu, the teacher, turned out to be an exceptional professional; his ability to motivate, his knowledge, his didactic training, his way of teaching the classes and his ability to present us with a theory connected to the practice and provide us with the necessary tools to achieve it, were crucial in my training. Manu always knew how to teach the classes little by little, how to connect the classic areas: syllabus, practical assumptions and programming and oral defense; with a personalized follow-up of our doubts. All the material he has provided us with during the course seems to me to be of 10, as well as his corrections on all the simulations of topics and practical assumptions made.

Javier’s classroom

At the present time we know of several trainers. The Anpe Union prepares both in Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote. The academy Agora prepares the oppositions to primary and secondary both in person and online. Therefore, there is no problem to prepare them remotely. The cost of preparing for these exams is between 110 euros per month per person and 150 euros per month being the preparation time between eight months and 10 months. Therefore the cost can be between 1000 euros and 1600 euros for the whole training. The training basically consists of preparing the practical cases, the didactic programming and the didactic unit. As for the theoretical part, the academies do not prepare anything for you. Here we leave you with the links to the webs.


Due to my vocation to train, to know more about the law, I am currently preparing candidates to the three bodies with excellent results. Applying those methods that gave me good results, and discarding those that I saw that I did not like or did not make me advance in my achievement of being a civil servant.
I am tenacious, constant, and at the same time understanding and I help as much as I can. I was also a civil servant, and I know what it is like to go through. It is more emotional and psychological suffering than the fact of having to study itself.
Inspector preparer with extensive experience in courses of oppositions to educational inspection, selects opponents to enter the body of inspectors Community of Madrid. Individualized and personalized preparation. It marks an own style, different from the academy. Follow-up through success indicators. Refrain from unmotivated teachers, commitment is required. Request information on innovative methodology and own syllabus (not academy), totally updated and free. No registration fee, maximum group of 6. Individual training. Success guaranteed. Free first class, it will convince you. Face-to-face, blended and distance learning. Flexibility to change the modality.

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