Suzuki van van canarias

Suzuki van van canarias

New suzuki vitara – femotor tenerife delivers to víctor

Suzuki address 113cc. In perfect condition with 9000 klm. With its reviciones made. It has been used very little, only to go to work. All in working order and without failures. ITV UNTIL 2022. Weighs 90 kilos only. It also has kick start and handbrake. Could exchange for Smart car1.500 EUR
Naked bike in good condition, great Suzuki mechanics. Sleeps in garage always. It has 74 hp and 650 cc. Itv passed in April until April 2023. Recently it has been overhauled satisfactorily. It has been put a new rear brake pad and new gel battery. It has 45000 kms300 EUR
Suzuki motorcycle always in garage. Due to my illness. ITV.Pasada until 2023 / See no obligation … Port. -Albareda Street corner Pedro del Castillo Westerlin 4. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 6175609426.990 EUR.
Extras: Suzuki handlebar bumpers, Brembo pump, folding clutch lever, Suzuki front and rear wheel drop stoppers, engine drop stoppers, led indicators, license plate bracket, passenger handgrips, wheel trim, tank protector, anti rebound clutch, rear shock absorber, front springs and valves and FG Gubellini steering damper and rear wheel profile 190/55 R17. All homologated in ITV. No changes and non-negotiable price.1.800 EUR

Suzuki v-strom 250 2020 ¡pequeña viajera! || revisión

Suzuki vanvan 125cc, 32.000 km, ITV hasta 2022. Motor y embrage perfecto, frenos bien, nuemeticoa como nueva. Aceite y revisión completa la semana pasada. Compra en maquina motores provenzales, 3 mes antes. Garantía válida hasta 2021. Tengo pegatina para entrar en BCN. Cambiar manillar con nuevo Enduro tipo, (tengo originales) Cambiar indicadores tipo pequena(tengo originales como quieres) Espejos nuevo tipo cafe racer( tengo originales) Me comprado un nuevo guardabarro tambien Precio bajo poco negociable, solo cambiar con moto aventura/supermotard tipo 125cc El comprador pagar cambio de nombre. Moto en poblenou, Barcelona
Vendo mi Suzuki VanVan, es una gran moto de ciudad y perfecta para ir a lugares como Sitges y la Costa Brava. La moto la tengo desde hace menos de un año pero estoy buscando algo más grande. Heres los detalles: – ¡20.888 KM de kilometraje – azul de la vendimia – 2 cerraduras – 2 cascos (uno nuevo, uno usado) – conducido menos de 1000 kilometros desde la compra – servicio completo reciente, incluyendo la nueva batería – perfecto estado de funcionamiento – el precio incluye los contratos de venta Hágame saber si usted tiene cualquier otra pregunta!

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I must admit that I have always liked the originality of this “bush” look of the Van Van and this has always come from far away, nothing less than the beginning of the seventies. It appeared in 1972.
Throughout its history, the Van Van has been given various two-stroke engines and different displacements – it is said that its name comes from the detonation of the two-stroke engine – until the current Van Van, with a clean four-stroke engine and fuel injection, was born.
to furrow – wrongly said! -, to glide through the sand without traction problems. I guess they also took into account those who had to travel rural roads with a maximum of comfort and safety (trikers and quads were built in the beginning for purely agricultural uses).
And if I lived in Cazorla, Navarres, Viladamat, Ayerbe, Villalante, Monro, Laroles, Arzua, Banyeres de Mariola, Tuxent, Arbucies, and a lot more places in this country, I would buy it. I’ll let you know in advance.

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kunny13 wrote:When you see the Van Van at the dealer, you will like it more than in the photo. To me it is a bike that I like a lot for city, moreover, I was considering buying it for Mary, go to work, it is very cool.
I am so interested that I have registered on the Van Van forum to ask their opinion. Each crazy with his own subject: they do not sigh for the V… they are very happy with their “VanVis”, as they call them there.
The Rieju Tango 125 or 250, whose chassis and components are the same, except for the engine, of course, is taller and more comfortable for a person of your height, without being much more than the VanVan, but it is noticeable. There is not only the enduro version, but there is also a normal one (the one in the photo of the post is the normal one, the enduro has a more country look with high fenders). Well, the normal is a very utilitarian bike and if you choose the 250 version, it has a more usable engine, for power and feel.
I see it more utilitarian than the Vanvi, for its normal wheels and if you want to do some track, as a good trail, you can and something more if you want, because it weighs nothing and handles very well on the more difficult trails (we have come to climb a firewall with the normal 250 hehehe, with problems, but it went up).

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