Telefono binter canarias 922

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Telefono binter canarias 922

Binter is an airline from the Canary Islands, which offers trips to different destinations in the Canary Islands, Peninsula and Balearic Islands and internationally. It is worth mentioning that this airline belongs to Hesperia Invseriones Aéreas, S.A., and its current name is Binter Canarias, S.A.

On the other hand, Binter offers its website, where you will find all the information about its flights and associated services (accommodation, cars and activities), you can also book online and make other arrangements just by entering its platform. There, you can use their virtual flight search engine, selecting the options requested, you can see the price of your flight and buy it directly. It also allows you to manage or modify your reservation, view your invoice, check schedules and others, with just one click.

You can also use the Binter website as an informative tool, since it offers an exclusive section with all the information related to the purchase of tickets, required documentation, check-in and boarding, travel with special passengers, luggage regulations, airport address, and its different destinations.

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First of all, we would like to offer you a list of all Binter’s free phone numbers. Generally, when we have a problem or any doubt, there is a high probability that someone else has had it before, so it is very likely that all this has been resolved and compiled by the support team of Binter, in the FAQ section that we suggest you visit for the good amount of data that can provide you. You may be surprised by all the alternatives that users have to communicate with Binter. The most used by all customers is the free call, but there are also different methods that are still widely used by the consumer community. With the e-mail, website or all their social networks, communicating with Binter will be very simple, these other forms of contact will be detailed at the end of the article.

Learn about other alternatives to contact Binter. They are not only ways of contact, but sources of information to solve your doubts or to expand the information you are looking for and that perhaps will save you a call. For all regular customers of Binter, we recommend you to be aware of the online information on their website and social networks to be aware of all their services: destinations, reservations, departure times, service packages, extras, directions, payments and refunds, general information, etc. …. Generally on the website you will be able to see updated information, schedules, addresses of interest, etc…

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The customer service team at Binter will assist the user to guide him with doubts, queries and complaints about destinations, changes and rescheduling of flights, special trips, check-in and boarding, baggage allowance for domestic flights, transportation to the airport of Binter in the Canary Islands.    The customer service will also help you to know what kind of documentation passengers must present to Binter.

Binter also has in addition to the telephone attention, customer service in social networks, these networks operate from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 21:00 hs.    On the official website of Binter you will find more detailed information and a contact form.

Binter is an airline founded in 1988, currently based in the Canary Islands. Binter began operating in the Archipelago with the aim of flying between the islands to make possible the cohesion of a fragmented territory. Since then, Binter has managed to become a reference in the transport of the Canary Islands, with prominence in Europe (seven times awarded by the ERA); by offering a high quality service to its customers; and deploying a wide activity within the society, as part of its commitment to the Canary Islands archipelago.

Binter canarias telephone

Here we show you the Binter Canarias phone number. Book your flight with the most reliable airline and enjoy comfortable inter-island travel. The company guarantees you a pleasant flight, whether you are traveling for work or have planned a getaway. El celo de la gata.

Contact Binter Canarias and you will have all the information you need about destinations, changes and rescheduling of flights. You can also inquire about special trips, check-in and boarding, baggage allowance and transportation services. Check their flight schedules and make your reservation.

If you have questions about the services provided by the company, find the answers in the FAQ section. If you prefer to send a query about online services, please do it through the form. If you wish to make a claim or complaint, please fill in the contact form with your data. Leave your telephone number and e-mail address and send. The airline’s agents will give you a timely response.

It currently operates 220 flights per day, covering all inter-island routes, establishing connections with the 8 airports of the Archipelago. As of 2018, the airline has also incorporated 9 national destinations: Mallorca, Vigo, Pamplona, Zaragoza, Murcia, Santander, Vitoria, Jerez and Asturias.Since Binter Canarias started operating in the Archipelago, it has become the reference company in the transport sector in the Canary Islands, due to the excellent quality of its services.

Telefono binter canarias 922

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