Temario oposiciones auxiliar administrativo gobierno de canarias

Temario oposiciones auxiliar administrativo gobierno de canarias

Canary islands employment service

Administrative in the Canary IslandsThe selective system of the entrance exams to become an administrative assistant in the Canary Islands will be based on a competitive examination. This means that you will have to pass some theoretical and practical exams, but that your CV can also increase your mark, which is good if you have worked as an administrative assistant before or if you have been trained specifically for it.These tests are held on the same day:
Same day.Here a tribunal will assess the merits of your resume, taking into account the previous jobs in your work life report, and the official training you have obtained related to the position.Only merits will be taken into account.

Canary health service civil service examinations

The territorial organization of the State. The Autonomous Communities: Formation. Distribution of competences between the State and the Autonomous Communities. Local Administration: the Province, the Municipality and other local entities.
The islands and the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands. Law 8/2015, of Island Councils of the Canary Islands: Nature of the Island Councils and competences. Law 7/2015, of Municipalities of the Canary Islands: Municipal Autonomy and Municipal competences.
The Organic Law 1/2004, on Comprehensive Protection Measures against Gender Violence: Rights of women victims of gender violence. The Consolidated Text of the General Law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2013: object, definitions and principles.

Inap competitive examinations

Places, date and time of the multiple-choice test and English language test: February 20, 2021, at 9:00 a.m., at which time the call will begin alphabetically by the person whose last name begins with the letter “N”.
A total of 350 vacancies are offered, of which 280 correspond to the vacancies offered as a result of the replacement rates, and 70 correspond to the offer of vacancies linked to internal promotion. For the General Administration there are 277 vacancies and for the Canary Islands Tax Agency there are 73 vacancies.
Basic Campus: try the Campus. It is FREE, you only have to register by clicking HERE. You will be able to access the news forum, contact with other candidates and try some of the services offered in the Gold Course.

Civil service examinations in the canary islands 2021

Of the total number of vacancies to be filled, seven (7) vacancies will be reserved for persons with physical, mental or sensory disabilities of a degree equal to or greater than 33%, who will have the right to apply for such vacancies, through the so-called “disability shift”.
Beginning of the competitive examination phase: The selective tests arising from this call will not begin to be held before three months from the publication of this Resolution in the Official Gazette of the Canary Islands.
A) Electronically through the Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Presidency, Justice and Equality, at the access point: https://sede.gobcan.es/cpji/. In this way, the application will be completed, signed and registered electronically. At the end of this process, the Electronic Headquarters will generate the proof of entry registration, which certifies that the application has been submitted electronically.
B) On paper, by filling out the application for participation in the selective tests that will be available at the Electronic Headquarters of the Regional Ministry of the Presidency, Justice and Equality, at the access point: https://sede.gobcan.es/cpji/. Those who complete their application in the Electronic Headquarters and wish to submit it on paper must print the application in duplicate and sign both copies, attaching the corresponding documentation.

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