Temario oposiciones auxiliar de enfermeria canarias

Temario oposiciones auxiliar de enfermeria canarias

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At this same table, it was agreed that the examination for the Nursing Assistant category would be held in the first quarter of 2020. However, recent news indicates that the dates agreed at this meeting will be delayed by four to six months.
Functions and competencies of the Nursing Assistant in Primary Care and Specialized Care. Coordination between levels of care. Concept of care, basic needs and self-care. The hospital and the psychosocial and adaptation problems of the hospitalized patient.
Nursing assistant care to the bedridden patient: anatomical position and body alignment. Bed preparation procedures. Postural changes. Drains: handling and care. Ambulation techniques. Transfer techniques.
Nursing assistant care in the needs of elimination: generalities. Sample collection: types, handling, characteristics and alterations. Catheterization, ostomies, enemas: types, handling and care.

Canary health service competitive examinations

Elaborated by a team of authors of recognized competence in the health field, this first volume develops, conveniently updated, the contents of topics 1 to 14 of the Official Program.
As a complement to the preparation, we recommend our practical volume of Test, with more than 1,000 questions on the official program, in which you will find an effective teaching resource to exercise memory based on recognition, and strengthen the subject of study.
Now that you already have the best material to face the selective tests with guarantees, we are convinced that, together with your determination, you will successfully achieve all the proposed employment objectives.
It includes more than 1,000 multiple-choice questions, with four alternative answers, on the topics of the Official Program, which constitutes an effective didactic resource to exercise the memory based on the recognition, and to consolidate the subject of study.
Once the payment has been made, we will give you access to the campus for a period of 30 days. You will receive a service activation email (within 24/48 working days), counting the subscription period from that day.

Government of the canary islands civil service examinations

Correct answers will score positively, unanswered questions will have no value whatsoever and questions answered incorrectly will subtract one fifth of the value assigned to the correct answer.
Those candidates who have obtained at least 50% of the score resulting from the arithmetic mean of the 10 highest scores obtained by the candidates in this exercise will pass the competitive examination phase, regardless of the turn of competition. In the event that there are no more than ten candidates, adding all the candidates who participate in all the participation shifts, a minimum score of 27.5 points must be obtained to pass the test.
The candidates who compete for the internal promotion system and those who participate in the reserve shift for the disabled must fully complete and pass the exercise of the competitive examination phase.

Canary health service

The syllabus that the opponents will have to study for the competition phase is divided into 23 topics. Among them are studied concepts and actions to promote the safety and health of the patient, as well as issues in legislation, occupational health and risk prevention and equality. You can consult the agenda of the 2019 Canary Islands Nursing Assistant competitive examinations at this link.
Unlike what happens in the previous phase, in the competition phase the applicants of the 3 access methods will be listed separately: free, disabled and internal promotion. All of them will have 10 working days to present claims of the scale from the same day in which the points obtained of those presented will be published.
In the competition phase of the nursing assistants category, merits of three branches are valued: Professional Experience (where more points can be obtained, academic training and continuing education. The points that can be obtained for each section are the same for free shift, internal promotion and quota reserved for people with disabilities.

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