Temario oposiciones primaria canarias

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Temario oposiciones primaria canarias
Primary school exams in andalusia

What does the exam consist of? The examination phase for admission to the specialty of Primary Education consists of two eliminatory tests. The first is a knowledge test and the second is a pedagogical aptitude test.the knowledge test in turn, is divided into a practical test (or two, depending on the Autonomous Community in which you present yourself) and the syllabus test.this test will consist of the written development of a topic chosen by the applicant.the applicants will have two hours to perform this part. The objective is to be able to develop the contents of the section during that time and in writing. The exam, depending on the Autonomous Community, will be read by the examining board or read by the candidate in front of the examining board on a different day on which you will be summoned for its reading (together with the reading of the practical), its qualification will be from 0 to 10 points, and to pass it, the candidates must reach at least 2.5 points. The examining board will value the clear, orderly and coherent exposition of the candidate’s knowledge, the terminological precision, the richness of the lexicon and the fluent syntax without incorrectness.

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The first test will be aimed at demonstrating the specific knowledge of the teaching specialty for which the candidate is applying, and will consist of two parts that will be assessed jointly. In the case of specialties that include instrumental or technical skills, these skills will be evaluated in this part. This test will be valued from zero to ten points. Each of the two parts of the test will be initially graded from 0 to 10 points. The marks obtained in each part will then be added together, after weighting. The grade for part A is weighted at 60%. Part B is weighted at 40%. Those candidates whose grades meet the following two conditions will pass this first test:

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For those scholars who want to know how to calculate the probability of getting a topic, we tell you the operation to be performed. The official agenda of the Secondary examinations is divided into 69-75 topics, depending on the specialty, and the official agenda of teachers (primary and infant), in 25. In addition, it is necessary to know that the court extracts 3 balls at random.  In this case, to simplify the numerical question, let’s make the example with the oppositions of primary (or infantile).  Let’s suppose that we have studied 10 subjects out of the 25 possible ones. The wonderful science of statistics facilitates the calculation if we do it the other way around and measure the probability that NONE OF THE STUDIED SUBJECTS WILL COME OUT.  This would be all, good luck with your subjects and lots of encouragement! OPOSITIONS OF YOUR INTEREST

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In this page you can find all the books of the Canary Islands competitive examinations that we have available in our web page. The collections of books are adapted to the official call. The exams of the Canary Islands that you will be able to buy here are those of Nursing of the Canary Islands Service, Canary Islands Service, Specialist of the SCS, SCS Supervisor of the SCS, and many more.

In addition, you will not only find on our website the syllabus, but we have a much wider range of books oriented to go deeper in the preparation of your oppositions. These are the perfect complement for any candidate: test book and mock exam book. Barra lateral

In our online store you can find test books oriented to review, individually, the topics of the official syllabus. These manuals contain several questions with several possible answers, being only one of them the correct one. At the end of each test book of the Canary Islands competitive examinations the solutions are included.

Temario oposiciones primaria canarias

What does the exam consist of? The examination phase for admission to the specialty of Primary Education consists of two eliminatory tests. The first is a know






Temario oposiciones primaria canarias

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