Toyota canarias miller bajo

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Toyota canarias miller bajo
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In the islands, the company presided by Hattoriyasuyuki has a structure of 43 employees grouped in companies such as Sucorpcity or Sucorpnivaria. It is the group that inherited the rights of the former Impocasa, promoted by Ángel Ferrera, who is still present in the Japanese firm.

was in the orbit of Domingo Alonso, who decided to separate the operations by concentrating his efforts with Volkswagen. Therefore, in 1969 he created Impocasa with headquarters in Casa del Marino and workshop service in Míller Bajo. Blandy operated in Tenerife, which in 1975 was controlled by Ferrera. The first Toyota Corolla was registered on April 25, 1973, and the Canary Islands agreement was possible because the 1970s also marked the start of production in Europe. Salvador Caetano, in 1968, still partners with Domingo Alonso, carried out the first construction of the European-made Toyota in 1971. By building vehicles at the European level, the Japanese manufacturer could improve its service to customers, reducing delivery times, keeping costs low and responding better to the tastes and preferences of European customers. The distance between the Canary Islands and Portugal and the islands’ tariff system helped to register the cars on the islands and served as a sales lever elsewhere in Europe and Africa, where Land Cruisers were a success.

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Toyota Canarias celebrated its 45th anniversary today, with an event held at the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where representatives of the brand have talked and shared the afternoon with a large institutional and social representation of the islands.

In addition, a wide representation of the company’s executives and members of the distribution network of the brand in the islands were present. On the institutional side, the President of the Canary Islands, Mr. Fernando Clavijo, the President of the Island Council of Gran Canaria, Mr. Antonio Morales, the Mayor of Las Palmas, Mr. Augusto Hidalgo and the Vice-President of the Canary Islands Government and Minister of Transport, Mr. Pablo Rodríguez were present.

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There are many great challenges ahead. Especially at a time when the debate on the transition to zero-emission vehicles is gaining momentum. It is precisely in this field that Toyota has a clear pioneering profile. In 1976, the Japanese brand presented a hybrid prototype, a sports car powered by a gas turbine and an electric motor.

In one fell swoop, the Japanese brand had the largest network of official dealerships, a total of 28, all of which included after-sales services. The Japanese parent company remained close – price flexibility – to achieve consolidation in a highly competitive market such as that of the islands.

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It is a great pleasure for us to officially announce the return of our cars to rally competition in the Canary Islands, through the collaboration agreement reached with the Padamán Sport team, led by Antonio Estalella and David Sanchez, who will participate with the Toyota Yaris GRMN.

We are back to participate in these competitions and we do it aligning ourselves with the global strategy of Toyota Motor, which has returned to the world of competition in rallies, endurance events and other disciplines obtaining magnificent results.

Toyota canarias miller bajo

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