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Twitter consejeria de educacion canarias

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Extract from the Resolution of August 18, 2021, of the Secretary of State for Education, which calls for grants for training courses for teachers from Bulgaria, Poland and the Russian Federation in the Europrof 2021 program. Deadline for submission of applications: 15 calendar days from the day following the publication of the extract of this Resolution in the Official State Gazette.
Resolution of August 4, 2021, by which certain specialization courses of Vocational Training are implemented on an experimental basis in the academic year 2021-2022, and determines its admission procedure and other aspects of the organization of the same in the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands. Application period: from September 1 to 9, 2021.
[25/08/2021] – [Organization and operation] Instructions for the development of the middle and higher vocational training cycles and the timetable and modular distribution of the curricula is established, academic year 2021-2022.


The applicants proposed as selected to obtain a position by the different tribunals will have twenty calendar days from the day after the Tribunal has published the list of candidates….
Through the following link you will be able to access the scores and citations of the 2021 competitive examinations. It is very important that you take into consideration that this information published by the Education Administration does not…
Resolution of the Directorate General of Personnel of the Regional Ministry of Education, Universities, Culture and Sports, approving the allocation and reassignment of vacancies corresponding to the 2021…
In view of the many doubts and problems that are generating the procedure of merit contribution to the candidates who have passed the competitive examination phase, we publish the following clarifications after contrasting…
Resolution of the General Directorate of Personnel of the Regional Ministry of Education, Universities, Culture and Sports by which the second call for the first test of the selective procedures for admission to the competitive examinations for…

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Another 100,000 euros will go to the creation of entrepreneurship classrooms. Specifically, throughout 2021, the Ministry of Education plans to open twenty of these spaces that will allow students and recent graduates to experiment in the labor market. This action also seeks to promote the creation of technology hubs, i.e. business concentrations in which the activity of the organizations involved is related to the technology sector. The creation of these classrooms will continue over the next three academic years.

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The Cantabrian Minister regrets that the Minister has ignored the requests of 12 communities that have expressed their disagreement with the revalidation of the 4th year of ESO and Bachillerato, the formative itineraries of 4th year of Secondary and Basic Vocational Training.
The Minister considers that “the important thing is the purpose of the evaluation, which is to check whether the 6th grade students have achieved the required levels of competence in three areas, as established in the Decree. And that is what we are going to do in Cantabria: individually evaluate all students and make an individual report for each center, for each family and for each student, through the validation of an external commission”.
The Cantabrian Minister of Education has asked the Minister for flexibility in the scholarship policy, because he considers that “with the current system some 40,000 students have not been able to continue their university studies”. Ramón Ruiz argues that the scholarship is an objective right if the student has the capacity and his income threshold is low”.
The Ministry’s discrepancy with the 12 autonomous communities also extends to the training itineraries for 4th year of Secondary and Basic Vocational Training. Regarding the former, Ramón Ruiz is in favor, as Cantabria is doing, that these itineraries should be as similar as possible to the diversification programs, which have proved to be successful programs. Regarding Basic Vocational Training, he considers, together with the other autonomous communities, that the Ministry cannot speak of success “when in the transition from the first to the second year 50% of the students drop out”.

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