Sky Gran Canaria ® 2019

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On April 14th 2018 you have a new date with trail running with the first edition of SKY GRAN CANARIA, a mountain race that will count of three distances: 72km, 36km and 18km; traversing six municipalities of the island of Gran Canaria.

SKY GRAN CANARIA joins the 2018 trail running calendar. In April Gran Canaria will count with a new ultra distance for the mountain lovers and new routes to explore.

SKY GRAN CANARIA has three races aimed at everyone: ULTRASKY AM72, its main race with almost 5,000m of positive elevation, TRAILSKY TM36, intermediate distance for all habitual marathon distance runners with a positive elevation of 1,528m, and finally, the MINISKY SM18. This is a more accessible distance with only 582m of positive elevation.

ULTRASKY AM72 is the main race that contains all the necessary ingredients: toughness, beauty and technique. It will run through the island from northwest to southwest, starting in the town of Artenara and ending in Playa de Mogán, traversing the municipalities of Artenara, Tejeda, Vega de San Mateo and San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

TRAILSKY TM36 will captivate you and is the perfect race for all mountain runners: hard ascents and long descents combined with technical zones. The breath-taking views of Gran Canaria make this a one of a kind race with a trail percentage of more that 90%.

MINISKY SM18 will start from the greatest reservoir in the island, Presa de Soria. Designed for all mountain runners or hiking lovers to enjoy a descent of more than 12km which will finalize in Playa de Mogán, making all efforts worthwhile.

SKY GRAN CANARIA opens its registrations on August 11th and you will be able to consult all the latest news on their website;


Sky Gran Canaria ® 2019

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