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Outdoor kilometric gym

Imagine being an honorary member of an outdoor kilometric gym. A perpetual honorary member on an incredible gym with excellent temperatures in winter and a tranquil sun in the summer, where extreme heat is non-existent. A pool the size of an ocean.


Gran Canaria is the island of excellent weather, completely tailor-made for athletes. Surrounded by beaches, with a sea of sporting possibilities. A haven for trail runners, surfers, windsurfers, divers, sailors.

Gran Canaria is an amazing gym with excellent weather, with one only entrance fee: one has to be ready to have their time of their life. This is the reason why it is the vital winter destination of thousands of professional teams from all around Europe. The destination of anyone looking for an active holiday. You can hike through forests, play golf at the feet of a volcanic crater, run next to the sea and on the mountains, surf in hidden beaches…

Mountain bike, climbing, open sea swimming, hiking, windsurf, golf, kitesurf, diving and almost anything else you can imagine.

Please, do not forget. Race entry is now open. The excellent weathered gym never closes its doors.

Discover Agaete

The Fisher town of Agaete is, without a doubt one of the most stunning enclaves of the northwest of Gran Canaria. Open to the Atlantic Ocean, it offers the visitor a contrast of sceneries where the sea and the green valleys that run all the way to the centre of the island, provide this municipality with some of the most beautiful views of the Archipelago; in addition to its marvellous climate and warm weather.


The variety of restaurants and the offers of prestigious lodging specialized in rural tourism, provides this enclave the necessary conditions for its splendour as a tourist destination. Agaete’s peculiar beauty, born through the union of mountain and sea, which are interlinked along 8 kilometres, allow the practice of various activities for your leisure and free time. The real paths of the municipality that unite the centre of the town with the majestic mountains and the Parque Natural de Tamadaba, allowing the visitant to enjoy dazzling hiking spots to which we can add the savouring of one of the biggest pine forests in the island.

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Discover Artenara

Located in Gran Canaria’s western summits – which rise 1,270 metres over the sea level – Artenara is the highest town in the island, offering an excellent platform where beautiful panoramic views of the Roque Nublo, Bentayga and the whole Tejeda basin can be devised.


Despite the position of its municipal capital and its imminent mountainous terrain, Artenara holds a small sea outlet to the east of the island making this municipality a very attractive one for the practice of various mountain sports such as hiking, mountain races, canyoning or mountain biking.

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Discover Vega de San Mateo

Vega de San Mateo is located over a fertile and broad agricultural plain of the higher stretch of the Guiniguada ravine around the north of the centre of the island, just 22 kilometres south west of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; the island’s capital. Recetas para Cookeo

From Cruz de Tejeda, the landscape descends towards the Las Lagunetas depression which is crossed by Barranco de la Mina. In the north of this municipality we find its steeper zones such as the Las Lagunetas hamlet and Aríñez and its reservoir above it. The municipality begins 800m above sea level and rises to the peak area of Macizo Central where the higher elevations of the island can be found: Pico de las Nieves (1,949.96m), Los Pechos (1,951m) and Roque Redondo (1,921m).

Thus, San Mateo is a municipality rich in climate and orographic contrasts making it ideal for the practice of any mountain related sport such as hiking, trail or biking.

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Discover San Bartolomé de Tirajana

Among its more than 300 km2, the Villa de San Bartolomé de Tirajana conserves a spectacular variety of sceneries, making the renown saying of “Miniature Continent” acquire a new dimension. A landscape of strong contrasts that removes us from the spectacular blackish mountains to the smooth, wavy beach line.


Mountain biking, paragliding, climbing, mountain races or simply going on walks that would seem impossible, construct a world full of adventures for our most determined visitors.

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Discover Mogán

The municipality of Mogán can be found in the southern and southwestern sector of the island. It occupies 172.44 km2, territory that adjoins the municipality of Tejeda to the north, San Bartolomé de Tirajana to the east, San Nicolás de Tolentino to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. The altitude of this municipality varies from sea level to 1,578 m, which are reached at the summit of Inagua, where the heads of all the ravines that plough all the way from the north to the south of the island can be found.

Mogán is the second largest municipality in the island, 38% of its territory being in three protected natural areas: Reserva Integral de Inagua, Parque Rural del Nublo and Monumento Natural de Tauro. This vast surface dons the municipality with hundreds of kilometers for the practice of hiking or mountain races with a very diverse orography.

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Discover Tejeda

The municipality of Tejeda is located in the centre of Gran Canaria. It holds the said caldera of Tejeda, a volcanic formation traversed by abrupt ravines, where two peaks which are the geographic symbols of the island are erected: Roque Nublo and Roque Bentayga. It is the first and only municipality in the Canary Islands to be part of the “Los pueblos más bonitos de España” (prettiest Spanish towns) association.

Tejeda provides a path network that has been rehabilitated for the use of walkers and runners looking for leisure and nature.

Among the more popular routes we can find the path from the town of Tejeda to Roque Nublo, ploughing through La Culata. The final ascent is amply rewarded with the impressive view devised from the Roque Nublo base.

Tejeda is home to newly refurbished sporting facilities, municipal swimming pool and football field made of artificial grass.

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GRAN CANARIA - Sky Gran Canaria ® 2018

GRAN CANARIA - Sky Gran Canaria ® 2018

Imagine being an honorary member of an outdoor kilometric gym. A perpetual honorary member on an incredible gym with excellent temperatures in winter and a tra





GRAN CANARIA - Sky Gran Canaria ® 2018
GRAN CANARIA - Sky Gran Canaria ® 2018

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