En GJA Sport, creemos que la clave de ofrecer un trabajo de calidad radica en disponer de un gran equipo. Es por ello que llevamos años confiando y creyendo en un gran grupo humano que hasta ahora nos ha hecho llegar hasta lugares que no creíamos posibles.
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Three races to adapt to the needs of all runners

SKY GRAN CANARIA ® offers three races:

  • ULTRASKY AM72: DISTANCE: 72 KM. / ELEVATION: + 5.470 M. / 19 hours
  • TRAILSKY TM36: DISTANCE: 36 KM. / ELEVATION: + 1.590 M. / 10 hours
  • MINISKY SM18: DISTANCE: 18 KM. / ELEVATION: + 650 M. / 5 hours

SKY GRAN CANARIA is suitable for any runner. It counts with different promotion distances and realization times which are quite leisured, allowing not only full enjoyment of the competition, but of the exquisite landscapes. Just so you can make a quick estimate, the realization time in the TRAILSKY TM36 and the MINISKY SM18 is triple the first runner’s time, whereas in the ULTRASKY AM72, it is more than double the first runner’s time.

SKY GRAN CANARIA offers routes and distances that will allow you to compete in new, unusual distances which will bring out the best in you. This is achieved by the carefully thought out routes, designed both for your enjoyment and so that every race ending is a descent into the homely Playa de Mogán. The lure of reaching the finish line is much simpler and spectacular.

Even though it is true that a large part of the trails traversed are of technical difficulty, they are very secure for all runners. Moreover, the accumulated elevation makes the Sky Gran Canaria even more attractive since it starts and finishes at level zero (Playa de Agaete and Playa de Mogán), whilst passing at the same time across the highest point of Gran Canaria, Pico de las Nieves with its impressive 1,954 meters.

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