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Sky Gran Canaria ® 2019 / RACES / ULTRASKY AM72

The 72 Km. Ultratrail will commence in the town of Agaete, in the north-western part of Gran Canaria, specifically from its main square. It traverses the main municipalities of Agaete, Artenara, Tejeda, Vega de San Mateo, San Bartolomé de Tirajana; and ends in Puerto de Mogán.

This race runs through the most western part of the island and the enclave where the majority of water reservoir can be found (Presa de Chira, Presa de Soria, Salto del Perro, Lugarejo or Los Pérez).

A total of 72 Km. and a demanding route that will not allow the runner to have much rest, requiring maximum performance at all times. Only 7.5% of this race is over asphalt, meaning that 92.5% is run over trails.


There will be 7 refreshment points available for the ULTRASKY AM72 runners throughout their race.


The ULTRASKY AM72 runners will be able to hand in a changing bag – gymsac, which will be provided by the organization in the runner’s bag- to collect at the refreshment point at Llanos de la Pez. Said bag can carry food or whatever equipment you think necessary as long as it fits inside. No objects stuck or hanging from the bag will be allowed.

By the same token, you will be able to leave a bag with dry clothes in the checkroom found in the finishing area at Playa de Mogán to collect once the race is over.

  • Sky Bronze Men (18 to 39 years old), inclusive of both ages
  • Sky Bronze Women (18 to 39 years old), inclusive of both ages
  • Sky Silver Men (40 to 49 years old), inclusive of both ages
  • Sky Silver Women (40 to 49 years old), inclusive of both ages
  • Sky Gold Men (50 to 59 years old), inclusive of both ages
  • Sky Gold Women (50 to 59 years old), inclusive of both ages
  • Sky Platinum men (60 years old and over)
  • Sky Platinum women (60 years old and over)

Prizes are non-cumulative meaning that, for example, the 4th runner of an age group can be first, second or third of his/her group if the winner/s of the general ranking are from his/her same age group.

Backpack or belt Mandatory
Long-sleeved windbreaker without a hood Mandatory
Long-sleeved technical shirt or the combination of short sleeves and running sleeves Mandatory
Survival blanket measuring a minimum of 1,20×2.10 metres Mandatory
Charged mobile phone (number registered in the race entry) Mandatory
1,5 water container Mandatory
Cup or alternative container Mandatory
Whistle Mandatory
Running bib located in the front part of the body and always visible Mandatory
Head torch with batteries/ spare batteries Mandatory
Rear red light (to be on during the whole race) Mandatory
Cap or visor Mandatory
Bandana Mandatory
Rubbish bag Mandatory
Valid ID or passport, with picture Mandatory
Spare clothes Recommended
Sun cream/lip balm Recommended
Money for unforeseen expenses Recommended

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